Welcome To Yoga For Martial Arts

These two volumes are designed specifically to meet the needs of the martial artist and modern athlete. 
Part one covers hip flexibility and mobility 
Part two covers hamstrings and improving flexibility 
These workouts have been carefully put together by the amazing Yogi, Zoe Macphail, head coach and owner of Hot Yoganic.

These courses will benefit both beginner and advanced student alike, improving your flexibility, mobility, balance and core strength. 
In these series of videos you will learn the routines, breathing and principles that make Yoga such a wonderful addition to your training. 
Having increased flexibility will help you improve those high kicks, grappling and submissions plus helping improve recovery time so win win! 


Included is a fully detailed 15 minute warm up/workout routine that can be used as a stand alone workout in its own right 

Zoe MacPhail 

Head coach and founder Hot Yoganic, Infused Raw Health senior instructor 


Whats Inside The Course

  • 1

    The warm up

    • The Warm up

    • The Warm Up - Yoga for Martial Arts & all Athletes

  • 2

    Part One- Hip Flexibility and Mobility

    • Yoga with Zoe - Part One Hip flexibility & Mobility