Juice feasting is fast becoming the most popular way to gain incredible health

Find out how to do it in this easy to follow guidebook

Thousands of people globally have now completed what’s known as ‘the hero’s journey’ an extended 92+ day juice feast, all for different reasons and the results have been amazing, reversals and complete eradication of some terrible diseases and complaints, health improvements never seen or experienced before.

My own personal 100 day juice feast was quite simply amazing as you’ll read in the intro of the book, same with Petes incredible journey so far. Unbelievable improvements in health and vitality.

With so many people requesting information, we wanted to share the whole process has been wrote up in an easy to follow ebook, giving you an easy to follow system that’ll have you going in no time.

Get All Your Juicing Questions Answered In Our Simple Guidebook

  • Everything you need to know to succeed!

  • What can I expect?

  • What juicer do I need?

  • How much should I be drinking?

  • Should I be taking any additional supplements?

  • Amazing tasting juice recipes

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About Your Author

Meet Saiema Heathcote

Saiema’s founder and head detox specialist at Human performance nutrition, having over ten years working with a huge range of clientele, from professional athletes right through to people with debilitating health conditions.

Saiema has made it her personal mission in life to study and dissect the truth to optimal health. Designing bespoke meal plans and consulting with clients, her success rate is off the scale.

Juice feasting is an incredibly fast way of ridding the body of toxins and providing an abundance of healing nutrients. The health benefits are remarkable.

There are so many diets, so much misinformation, so many so called experts that recommend you buy this supplement, use this powder, drink this new wonder shake, it’s no wonder no one knows where to turn. Well juice feasting will prove to you that it’s the most effective way by your own experience, even after just a few short weeks the differences will be profound.

Juice feasting is truly life changing and we will show you how

What Our Juicing Clients Say

"Life Changing"

by Peter Metcalfe 76 years young 😉💪

‘At my age I never thought something could be so life changing and have such profound health benefits, I am amazed at the affects Juice feasting has had, every week I feel better and better, off all my medications, blood pressure now completely stable, all arthritis pains gone, my energy levels are better than ever, it really has given me a new lease of life, I HIGHLY recommend you do it, a juice feast will change your life, Saiema’s advice was invaluable, I only wish I’d done it sooner!’

"I sleep better, have more energy, #1 Fan!"

by Mina Jane

Every time I need a pick-me-up, or just want to feel better physically, I order Human Performance Academy juices. The always arrive promptly, they taste (and look) delicious, and you can literally feel your body filling with goodness. As well as always helping me drop a pound or two, they give me more energy, they make me feel more alert, and a big one for me (being on the menopause) is that they always help me get a really good night’s sleep. I am officially addicted, and I cannot recommend them (or the feeling they give you) enough #numberonefan xxx