Taught by Sensei David Breed - Trainer to 14 World Champions

What’s the key that makes all the difference in any fight?

It's your ability to control the distance and not get hit!

How do you do it? Footwork & superior movement.

I have so many professional fighters, instructors & coaches come to train with me privately to learn these drills and they make all the difference with many of them gaining world title victories due to their ability to control their opponents due to superior movement through the drills I coach them.

The videos contained will teach you essential routines, how to control the distance, misdirect, feint & fake and so much more with easy to follow instruction that’ll have you moving like a world champion in no time!

What's Inside The Course

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    Welcome to Footwork Fundamentals

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    The Drills

    • Drill 1 - The Front Step & The Back Step

    • Drill 2 - Box Stepping

    • Drill 3 - Pendulum Bouncing & Circling

    • Drill 4 - Feint/Test/Jab step & Pull back

    • Drill 5 - Shuffle Stepping with Rotation & Punching

    • Drill 6 - Float Stepping

    • Drill 7 - Step Pivots

    • Drill 8 - Step Pivots 180 degrees

    • Drill 9 - Full step & Pull, Back step & Push line drill

    • Drill 10 - Gallop Stepping

    • Drill 11 - Adding Head Movement

    • Drill 12 - Head & Leg Defence

    • Drill 13 - Duck Unders

    • Drill 14 - Slip Shuffles

    • Drill 15 - How to Misdirect, Feint & Fake

    • Drill 16 - Balance stepping left

    • Drill 17 - Balance Stepping Right

    • Drill 18 - Combining Balance Step Left & Right

    • Drill 19 - Balance Step - Back Stepping

    • Drill 20 - Full Steps - Forward & Backwards attacking

    • Drill 21 - Step Slips

    • Drill 22 - Putting it all together

About Your Instructor

7th Dan Chief Instructor Evade Blackbelt Schools

David Breed

Hi and welcome to martial arts drills for skill, an online resource site for the serious martial artist!

My names David Breed and I've been in the martial arts for over 36 years. During that time I've developed 100's of high quality blackbelts and world champions in a variety of disciplines from MMA, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Grappling and more!

I've travelled the world training with, competing against and befriending some of the globes very best and this is where I will share everything I have learnt.

Inside you will get exclusive access to the same training routines that I have used over the years to produce 14 world champions, gain international acclaim and achieve 2 UK Hall of Fame awards.

Welcome to my site, I truly hope you enjoy the material and always remember with any training, watch it, absorb it, drill it, adapt it, use it & make it your own.

Train hard, train safe

David Breed
Martial Arts Drills For Skill

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