This course covers drills & skills for junior martial arts students

Perfect for both parents and instructors looking for fun & engaging drills for younger students aged 7-14 years

The course includes essential drills that develop technique, flexibility, fitness & conditioning with routines to improve reactions, control, precision & power

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What's Inside The Course

  • 1

    Welcome to Drills for Skill for Juniors!

    • Welcome to Martial Arts Drills for skill for Juniors!

  • 2

    The warm ups & conditioning sections! 💪

    • #1 Joint Mobility & Conditioning Routine with Sensei Dave Breed

    • #2 Dynamic Stretching Drills - Develop control, flexibility & mobility

    • #3 Agility warm up & stamina drill

    • #4 Star Jumps

    • #5 Burpees

    • #6 Pad Jumps

    • #7 - Squats, Press Ups & Sit ups

    • #8 The body ‘Blaster’ - Conditioning Drill

    • #9 - 15 minute Super fit, super you workout by Amy ❤️

    • #10 Stretch Out Routine

    • #11 Skipping - An essential workout for Martial Artists (well anyone for that matter!)

    • #12 Superfit Super Quick - A great workout for anyone!

    • #13 The Alphabet Workout - Print off and work through it

  • 3

    Junior Drills for skill - Foundational training

    • #1 12 positions - stance drill - Basic foundation work

    • #2 Palm Strikes

    • #3 - Palm strikes on the focus pads - Repetition & reaction drill

    • #4 Straight Punches

    • #5 - Straight punches on the focus pads - reaction training

    • #6 Front Kicks- Basics

    • #7 Freestanding heavy bag - Practising the front kicks

    • #8 Stand in Base Kneeling

    • #9 Stand in Base - Seated

    • #10 Choke defence techniques 1 & 2

    • #11 Rising Block, Reverse Punch drill

    • #12 Rising Block, Reverse punch Application - reactional pad drill

    • #13 3 Blocks & reverse punch drill

    • #14 Basic Blocking - Pad application

    • #15 Striking Combination FP, BF, RP, FK, SK

    • #16 - Striking combination - Reactional padwork FP, BF, RP, FK, SK with additional Sprawl

    • #17 Kicking Drill

    • #18 Striking routine with instructor Amanda Quansah - Foundational drill

    • #19 Kick drill in application on the pads

    • #20 Freestanding heavy bag - Lead leg side kick drill for skill

    • #21 Freestanding heavy bag - Practising the low round kick

    • #22 Basic 4 punches

    • #23 Basic 4 punches - pad drill

    • #24 Kick development 4 Count kicking

    • #25 Basic Shadow Striking - Using a mirror

    • #26 Developing your hook kick - using a chair

  • 4

    Intermediate & Advanced training

    • #1. 4 Corner Blocking Drill

    • #2. Padwork punching drill - Boxing Warm up

    • #3. Basic 4,6 & 8 punches

    • #4. Basic 4,6 & 8 punches application - padwork

    • #5. Reaction pad drills - Where to hold the pads, Develop your striking with variants of the basic 4 with Sensei David Breed & assistance from Luke

    • #6. Ground and pound stamina drill with Martin McDonnell

    • #7. Padwork Drills for Skill with Sensei David Breed & Junior Champions Joe Burns & Matt Smith

    • #8. Padwork Drills for Skill with Sensei David Breed & Junior Champions Joe Burns & Matt Smith

    • #9 Striking combination Side kick, 1+2, Spinning Kick with coach Sensei Jake Johnson

    • #10 Striking combination no.8 in application on the focus pads with coach Jake & Martin

    • #11. Turning, spinning & Jump spinning hook kicks

    • #12. Turning, Spinning & Jump Back kick transitions

    • #13 Bonus Footage - Private lesson - Sensei David Breed - Padwork striking flow drills with George Foster

    • #14 Bonus footage - Private lesson - Sensei David Breed & Junior World Champion Joe Foster

  • 5

    Parents Bonus Videos - At Home no gym required workouts

    • Parents - Home HIT workout with Team Lean Academy & Adam Chatterton 💪👍

    • 600 rep bodyweight challenge with Sensei Martin McDonnell

    • Abs of steel - Core development with Coach Amanda Quansah

  • 6

    Printable Activity sheets

    • New Activity sheets at home fun #1 Be Patient & Take your time activity sheet

    • Activity Sheet #2 Be a Star ⭐️

    • Activity Sheet #3 Happy Clown🤡 Angry Clown😤

    • Activity Sheet #4 Kind or Mean?

    • Activity Sheet #5 Which way?? A lesson in persistence🥋

    • Activity sheets #6 Break the Code 🤔

    • Activity Sheet #7 - Bones of the body💀

    • Activity Sheet #8 What am I?

    • Activity Sheet #9 - Getting Stronger - At home Workout💪🏃‍♂️

    • Activity sheet #10 - Be proud of your uniqueness! 😊

What People Say About Us

A World Class Martial Artist

Joe Tierney, 8th Dan

Dave is an all round martial artist that has applied his skills in light contact, kick jitsu, full contact kickboxing and Thai boxing . Dave Breed in my opinion is a world class martial artist which means more than being a World champion.

Now Dave is older and i see him pass on his knowledge in his unique way its a joy to watch because he still has world-class skills and his knowledge is so deep and passionate. I am so proud to have him as a friend and a colleague he is a great martial artist one of the best of his era and a fantastic role model

One of the best

Master Sken

“One of the best fighters and instructors I’ve known, I invited Dave to become a coach at my famous Sitnarong camp in Stockport where his standard of coaching was excellent”

One of best coaches & pad holders around

Eval Denton: Multiple World Champion

“If I’d have met Dave Breed earlier, I would have won even more World titles, one of the best coaches and pad holders around!”

Recommended if you are serious about martial arts

Christian Di Paolo - 5x World Muay Thai Champion

"Sensei David Breed is the real deal - a gentleman and a warrior who I've known many years now and respect greatly. His gym and teaching style is 2nd to none in a friendly welcoming environment. I would recommend him and his gym to anyone serious about martial arts or training. He creates a friendly and welcoming environment that I’ve also trained in!”

About Your Instructor

7th Dan Chief Instructor Evade Blackbelt Schools

David Breed

Hi and welcome to martial arts drills for skill, an online resource site for the serious martial artist!

My names David Breed and I've been in the martial arts for over 36 years. During that time I've developed 100's of high quality blackbelts and world champions in a variety of disciplines from MMA, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Grappling and more!

I've travelled the world training with, competing against and befriending some of the globes very best and this is where I will share everything I have learnt.

Inside you will get exclusive access to the same training routines that I have used over the years to produce 14 world champions, gain international acclaim and achieve 2 UK Hall of Fame awards.

Welcome to my site, I truly hope you enjoy the material and always remember with any training, watch it, absorb it, drill it, adapt it, use it & make it your own.

Train hard, train safe

David Breed
Martial Arts Drills For Skill