This course includes a full seminar recording of David Breed teaching Kickboxing for other instructors.

The full videos include footwork patterns, boxing drills, kickboxing combos and advanced sequences demonstrated by Sensei Breed himself.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from one of the best instructors the UK has ever produced.


This course also contains a FREE 40 minute bonus seminar taught by one of the BEST Thai Boxers of all time Ramon Dekker!

Whats Inside The Course

  • 1

    David Breed Kickboxing Super Seminar London 2019

    • Kickboxing Seminar Part 1

    • Kickboxing Seminar Part 2

  • 2

    FREE BONUS: Ramon Dekkers Seminar Recording

    • Ramon Dekkers Seminar Recording

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    Learn from World Champion & 7th Degree Black Belt David Breed

About Your Instructor

7th Dan Chief Instructor Evade Blackbelt Schools

David Breed

Hi and welcome to martial arts drills for skill, an online resource site for the serious martial artist!

My names David Breed and I've been in the martial arts for over 36 years. During that time I've developed 100's of high quality blackbelts and world champions in a variety of disciplines from MMA, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Grappling and more!

I've travelled the world training with, competing against and befriending some of the globes very best and this is where I will share everything I have learnt.

Inside you will get exclusive access to the same training routines that I have used over the years to produce 14 world champions, gain international acclaim and achieve 2 UK Hall of Fame awards.

Welcome to my site, I truly hope you enjoy the material and always remember with any training, watch it, absorb it, drill it, adapt it, use it & make it your own.

Train hard, train safe

David Breed
Martial Arts Drills For Skill